Random chat: Oops - how to create an account?

here's interesting app called oops random chat let's install it and and explore it it was in the top charts for some social media apps uh with zoops you can make new friends in the honest q a games share your life moms grow your snapchat community fill your snapmap and much more share a peek on the square surf the live feed start chatting with my friend friends your snapchat username is private when someone ask you for it you can accept or ignore so and then there is a subscription so you can create your account facebook google apple so let's just do that enter a nickname then you just need to add your avatar okay let's add this one then you need to enter a snapchat username so here's basically how it looks like here's the app here is your profile um your chats you can meet local people but i'm not sure as this app is quite new if there are so many local singles around so yeah i hope it was helpful for you just to get around what it takes to create an account here and then yeah you can just browse it and see also it just gave me 50 diamonds because i created an account so

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