here is an app called oops random chat for a few weeks it started to to go in higher in charts in social media so i was just like curious why so let's let's explore what this app is about okay so you can see what this is about like uh it's one of these like random snapchat dating apps uh for gen z for teenagers it's like it says oops is a super fa fun ways or to make new friends with oops you can make new friends in the honest q a game share your life moments grow a snapchat community healer snap map and more you can share your pick on the square start chatting basically you just add your snapchat username which is good which is private uh when someone asks you for it you can accept or ignore so there you have it and then there is like a oops premium subscription 18.99 for one month uh 29.99 for three months or seven eight seventy eight dollars for six months um so yeah anyways here's the app here's how it looks like uh you can see all the options you can try to chat you can chat here's like an option or you can try to add snap and then probably your snapchat will just open so that's about okay something like that so then you'll be just redirected to the snapchat address uh then you can meet local singles like depend on your snapchat map but like the downside of this app is that uh yeah is that it has very few users especially if you're outside of us or some big cities in us i get so uh that can be an issue um so yeah and also here is your account for like you know for chatting with someone uh you will use your diamonds i guess and to get diamonds you need to pay you can always go premium unlimited instant chat get unlimited diamonds so you can do it and then uh you can read all the privacy policy you can block someone obviously in case you're concerned about your data it's good that you can delete your account right away so i actually like when in this kind of apps you can just delete your account without need to reach out on the phone to the you know uh uh to the contact support or something like that but yeah here's the app as you can see not many that many users that's basic overview of the app um so this is how it looks like hope it is helpful i hope you enjoyed give it a try probably like every two weeks or something there is a new app in this category in the in the app store like everyone trying to figure out this niche with like you know snapchat snapchat dating apps but a lot of these apps are actually low quality so if you don't expect that much from them a lot of them that just go into some kind of spam profiles and all of that but maybe once in a while yeah you really can find a good app and which can really help you to hang out with someone and have fun so hope this video will help you out

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