REVEAL APP - what is it? HOW TO USE

here is this interesting app called reveal photo dump your friends it's maybe it's kind of competing with be real um but it has a reverse concept so basically um you photo dump your friend's tail if it speaks from your day but these pictures can be seen until random push notification is sent out then you have two minutes just to see what your friends posted comment and like their photos so you can pause for all the time however photos you like so not on just one photo as on be real but they won't reveal until the push notification is sent once a day all your friends get together to look at the all the fun stuff you did throughout the day so that's basically the idea uh yeah so as you can see it's kind of opposite to be real and on this app you also have notifications so you need to enable notifications you also have two minutes but you have these two minutes just to view photos not to post you can pause all the day but to you you have only two minutes so it's interesting concept and it's climbing in the top charts in the US so reveal sends one notification per day so I just enable notifications and this is how the app looks like kind of similar to be real to be honest uh uh the uh uh yeah the design and then it says post again in this time so okay so I I still can't post it and then I want to reveal light and I can't reveal as well so what I can do I can invite friends I can just tap invite and then I can just send to someone and then uh if I want to reveal I can just upgrade and yeah see uh pixels pixels allow you to reveal light when you missed what uh what your friends posted get pixels by inviting friends posting daily and try different stuff so you can upgrade here that's basically how they monetize in the app but then yeah if you want to like as you can still comment but I've obviously I don't see the photo so you then you can just follow someone you can block someone then you have friends here then you have your account you can see all your dumps all your photos uh and then uh here you also have widget uh so does that uh only widget friend for the roles and widget so that's another project uh uh from from this app from this team and then you can also just easily delete your account are you usually uh are you sure you want to delete your account all your Peaks will be removed and non-recurable dvgs will not show your friends anymore so you can do that uh yeah so something around it uh oops sorry guys this is just some other app but anyhow this is a interesting app for sure um privacy you can read the Privacy here you can send feedback if you want you can contact support team at so it's the same team from only widget so yeah that's basically the idea uh hope this can be helpful um you can yeah you can change your profile picture here but yeah uh thanks for uh watching I hope you like this app definitely give it a try might be it really will will grow in some bigger project uh let's let's see

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