Revel app - quick preview

so here's travel app uh which is a new app to write electric cars either Teslas or to ride electric scooters unfortunately it only operates in uh New York or San Francisco at this moment but definitely interesting app to try if you are traveling in these places so here it's yeah it's just basically app similar to to Lime or whatever the bat is just aggregator here you can select scooter uh yeah also of course you can become a moped driver but I just I just wanted to tap on this I don't know why it shows me this so then I just so yeah something like that but uh yeah fortunately I can't show The Full Experience because you need to be in these two cities and then take five rides for five percent off uh there is some rewards there are promo codes then also you can refer a friend so if you refer a friend uh you can uh yeah so you can see your code and then uh uh you can get like up to 30 dollars in rice if you refer someone uh for Tesla or yeah if you uh refer someone for yeah so here it is uh so something like that it takes some time to generate it okay so here's my call andrig 1758 um so yeah it will try to use it uh here stand uh dollar stores your first Mop at right so try that it's for mobile and then there is also for um for cars as well uh so here you can see all of that you can also apply to be a driver if you want maybe yeah it's different to to Uber maybe it's a new app new company so it makes sense to try it out so you're here also you have uh options with the car yeah so try out this as well so yeah I hope it can be helpful and unfortunately this app is slowly rolling out to other cities but it's not available everywhere so I hope it will be available soon

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