Riff: livestream with creators - how to create an account?

here is new trending app which is called riff live stream with creators it already got 3 000 ratings 4.7 average rating and it's climbing in the top charts in us app store especially in social media category super fast so you can have live streams meet with artists and creators live video chat rooms wipe to music in your room create rooms about anything join rooms with friends start drifting join and create a room today it's a new social media platform that combines voice and video group chat with music join rooms and make new friends who share your interests tune in to events like release day part spiritual concerts meeting grids and more every stream counts on reef if there are a thousand people in the room that thousand streams for every track so re features make new friends and connect our shared passion stock on voice and video chat with friends followers and artists add and share your favorite music and listen with friends so yep you can see some nice reviews reef is awesome i love reef is a super cool way to connect with friends as well as meet new people even celebrities i like the fact it has voice video and text chat options so depend on your vibe that day you can do one or all three and the fact that it plays music in the background that you can control the volume on and every person counts as a stream to the artist platform is neat so as you can see it here uh so let's just open the app and let's just browse around i never used it before but this app seems super cool and super interesting maybe let's just explore how to create an account then uh i need to allow to send notifications i need to sign it with snapchat sign in with apple sign in with mobile number so just sign in with apple and then my name and then just when you were born gender identity you just can identify or prefer not to say can i select my uh so now i selected two genres i need to add my profile picture and there you have it i just created my account so super easy uh i can also collect some gift and there you have it so it looks kind of similar to clubhouse right uh where you have all this listening rooms where you can just listen to people i can create a room i can join all these rooms i can see upcoming events i can search people room artist and i can see my inbox uh i can yeah so yep that's that's how you create an account i will play a bit with this app and then i will try to create another video which is more in detail overview of the whole app hope that is helpful

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