Roadstr car app - how to create account?

here is interesting app which is called roadster car clubs and meetups so this is like a social media app for car enthusiasts if you like cars if you want to meet up with other people in this network this is a definitely app you want to check out so it's like a twitter for car lovers for yeah if you want to participate in some cool test drive you know just some local events check out some vintage cars or like some sports cars that can be really cool app especially for this is for the summer to stay up to date on all the latest photos you want check out your friends right find local automotive businesses and all of that so let's just open the app and then you can create your account usually i just create this apple and then yeah you can choose your username okay you can just choose your username you can skip notifications so now you can check out some favorite uh marks favorite interests and then you can just get connected then you can just follow people on the in the app so here you can see all the events you can check out where it's located all the identities so now it's uh it's happening like um you can see amount what is raised here this is some part of some campaign you can try to donate here so yeah i think because obviously this app is uh mostly i think it's available in united states uh so not sure that it will be so not sure that it is uh will be a lot of events like in europe or yeah so you see there are a lot of events in uk there are a lot of in spain so like in uk you can just go through here then you can see some interesting spots and ideas yeah and then you can just uh enable drive now and drive there so that's kind of cool uh i i don't know all the features but this so then you can see all the meetups and see the meetup description um you can see where it's located and uh yeah so something around that [Music] so yep hope this is helpful

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