so here's safe moon wallet app it's quite popular now let's let's explore why here is the wallet i just created this 12 word phrase um and then i interpret i can see my tokens so i can get safe moon safe moon version 2 smart chain bnb so basically i think this app is just good if you're into safe moon that's the best wallet app to have that there are just two chains so ethereum and like finance um for example if i want to swap i can just do it here and i just enter the amount and then swap it to safe moon here i can just see the slippage tolerance standard speed transaction time limit i can set it up also so that's basically it uh but if i want to swap from like you know i can select token i can select other chain if i want to swap from ethereum and then i want to select token i can't select some like you know niche new tokens on ethereum so it's not like pancake swap or uni swap on mobile so don't expect this app to be like that so that's not the main feature if you want to get like you know rare ethereum tokens you just need to go to uni swap and get them there so that's that um uh but yeah i think the main feature of this app why it exists and why is popular is because it simplifies uh the buying process of siphon before this app to get cyclone you needed to go like through three like exchanges to exchange one token to another and then just get safe moon i think something like that now you can just get this safe moon wallet uh like deposit something here like you can receive eternal or uh here is my wallet address and then get some safe moon or i can then just send it i don't need to go to some like three other exchanges as it was like a year ago or something and then just you know buying cyphers so this nice place if you believe in safe moon token in its development in its future you just got iphone here and store cyphon here so that's that then you have settings um you can switch wallet there is mine wallet and you can reveal a fast pass phrase you can reveal your private key why to do that then you can import your cell phone wallet somewhere else you can add a new wallet from here um so you can have multiple ones security you can enable touch id you can reveal your pass phrase private key and then you can just change password in the bottom you can change your default currency and that's basically to receive ethereum you just again go here um you can just send uh tokens to this address you can also buy moon by ethereum or yeah just uh use bank transfer not working yet or you can just use moonpay or wire check out to buy all of that you can also calculate and that's the wrist reflections my reflections you can add the new reflection token so okay so seems you can actually add some tokens on here so what you need is just add a contract address so i was run sorry guys so just copy that from and then you can import i think any other token based on ethereum or binance and then you will see name symbol decimal and then just tap add token but this way you need to be pretty careful because one mistake in in your like talking contract address somewhere and that's it so hope hope this overview is helpful thank you for watching

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