Saturn app CRASHES - CAN’t SIGN UP - what to do?

i'm trying to use a saturn app and here i also see in the reviews that you if you just try to sign up or create an account the app literally crashes um and you it's just taking you to the home screen uh so i got this to turn up and after signing up the app was kicking out back to the home screen of my phone i tried everything to not to have it happen it didn't work unless i missed something it's not working when you open it it immediately closes again so there you have it so there are bunch of bugs here in this app um which you can see um so probably it will get better but it's just because there is a lot of interest right now and the servers are overloaded probably there are a bunch of bugs so feel free to reach out to app support here you can just tap in the app support section and then you can just contact them uh yeah and join with your name email and your issue also if you had some similar issues but you sold them just leave some comments below

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