Second Phone Number: Text Call - app overview

here is this app which is called second phone number text call you can get a local second number make a call out and reach you can do it I think with a free trial or just paying 5.99 dollars per week um and yeah this number this app gives you a second phone number on your smartphone uh which is kind of kind of like a texting app and for example if you're traveling or if you need to call to some country or there are so many use cases where you just need second phone number of course on Apple iPhone devices there is an option to have like a uh uh like how it's called like digital theme but sometimes the app is just easier so you just need to create an account with your uh like phone number existing phone number or with your email um so here you just need to tap to select uh um to select some uh kind of U.S Canada phone number you can enter your desired code you can select toll free or you can select some other and then you can just tap continue and then uh yeah it should be working

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