hey everyone uh welcome to my youtube channel uh so in this video we're gonna go through send it app uh which is uh going viral um yeah teenager should really like it and a lot of other people yeah just enjoy it a lot uh you can with this app you can just get anonymous pulse on your snapchat account and yeah you know just really have fun and like learn more your friends your colleagues your family what they're really thinking about you and then just you know have a lot of fun but also just you know it can be you seriously and you can have a better understanding what other people thinking of you so without further wars here's the app you can see almost 500 000 ratings it's really incredible i don't see i don't know many apps which which have that many ratings um so here is the app send it get it now so choose a lens game friends answer right on your story get responses on send it send this offers out renewed subscription of 1.99 per week for premium sanded games offers a consumable purchase of 12.99 for revealed messages yeah there is also 199 per week for sending unlimited hints and all of that and then you can see average writing is 4.7 out of 5. [Music] you can see all the reviews here there are still some bugs great but um so yeah of course this app can become pretty personal and you might receive a lot of messages which are you know [Music] which can be personal or any aspects of questions and answers so just of course be careful while using this app so here is the app itself send it the whole idea is that you just create an account connect your snapchat and then you can just select any uh yeah any screen and then uh you can change the font of course here if you don't really know what like to to ask you can just tap in the bottom left and you will receive these random questions so if you make me laugh i'll buy you cookies so i don't know in the car entertain me so what that would be like wake me up to some paragraphs like uh so it doesn't need to be always like some questions uh or some specific sentences yeah some random stuff like okay so this is my new prop and then i can also change the backgrounds i can edit the design of it so and then basically i can just tap share and i will be able to to open up my snapchat and then it basically i'll create a story on my snapchat so that's the whole point of the app basically here then you will be able to to open a snapchat and something like that and then just tap send it my story and there you have it so something like that of course you can just play with it in many different ways there are like trending now topics and then you can just tap to use on it so for example you can see here and then you can just use them with different designs and all of that and the idea is you will receive anonymous to send it up so here you will just have inbox and if there are any new messages you will just see them here if you can also get some trophies if you get some more responses enter 25 messages all of that and of course you can answer messages from here um so that's the whole point you can just browse here there are multiple amazing designs you can really stand out on your snapchat you can yeah really become uh yeah popular among your friends of course if you are not too annoying with all of this but that's pretty pretty cool i think this is the top app uh here uh in this category there are a bunch there were a bunch of apps i think also from snapchat like yolo app or um like 50 50 odds app a bunch of ads which are all went to the top charts in the app store but i think some of the app was removed from the app store there were some other issues with other apps at the moment this is like the best app to to use it for this anonymous q a on snapchat so definitely give it a try and then i don't know for me if you go to inbox in top right you will see your profile it doesn't show the icon i don't know what happened there maybe some bug so i can see my previous send it i can repost it actually if if i think that there is some issue then i can just go to settings i can also connect instagram by the way and if i go to settings here's my instagram i can reach out to support i can unblock all updates and it i can log out [Music] update bitmoji i can change my name uh all of that i actually don't know yeah i can see here a number of messages i can easily change my name but like on app store there was a possibility to upgrade like how can i do that i can i don't see the option to do it from here sanded offers out renewing subscription of 199 per week but like what should i get that uh so yeah as you can see you might also like lmk vibe there is push it app push it app is the app for from the same developers to send it um i don't know maybe it was already acquired by snapchat it would be a good idea if you can also share this to tick-tock or something like that you can go to your account settings to manage your subscription and turn off after news or account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed if you subscribe before your free trial ends the rest of your free trial period will be forfeited as soon as your purchase is confirmed okay maybe it's possible to get that on the on the website i'm just pretty curious so there you have it give us for business but i don't know i don't know how to upgrade here uh it's kind of quite quite weird but anyways uh that's the app play top lens games you have to pick one get responses from friends no sign up needed let's get it and then you just get all these responses and all of that uh super fun app uh maybe there is actually you need some newer phone or something like that other than that uh thank you for watching i hope you enjoyed this app definitely a cool app to hang out with your friends don't take it too seriously sometimes it's just more for having fun but you know on social media something you you just need to like to take it it's like a social media it's fun it's try not to you know take it super seriously or some responses or take some super serious questions and all of that uh yeah other than that uh thank you a lot for enjoying this subscribe take a look at my website mr hector are you and see you in the next videos

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