so here is how to send songs in kiwi widget app so first of all you need to have at least some friends so here in top left you need to add a search for friends and add them without friends it's not possible to send songs to anyone so here you can just have this friends and then you go to my library tab and here you will have your playlist synced either from spotify or apple music so from here for example i have my latest playlists and then i can just have some uh music i can select it and then i can get just tab send to friends send to friends i can select any friend or multiple friends and then i can tap send and then yeah to one friend i can only send one song per day so there is a limit so just be careful but you can sense on to multiple friends i think but yeah you have to wait one day to send to the same person so that's it so yeah just make sure you have friends here and then send songs to these friends hope this is all helpful and thank you for watching

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