sendit Q&A on Instagram - does it have generated questions?

so here's send it up does it have generated questions so this app is similar to ngl uh where you can send your link to to instagram story and people can ask anonymous questions the thing is there was revealed that both of these apps are using some ai bots to have some percentage of questions to be generated by bot not by your friends and recently an ngl app they explicitly noticed that that this question was sent with law from ngr lab and you know that this was a bad question and you don't need to upgrade or spend your money to figure out who of your friends might have sent it but here i don't know i just shared my story and instantly got a question even like almost instantly so and this is type of message i got so i'm not sure if it's uh the right uh person who sent that or it's it's about i think so so that's the idea um yeah um so what do you think does this app have a lot of generated questions of which percentage and how to know which questions are generated and not real

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