let's explore uh the process of sharing your ngo link to instagram story uh so you need to have ngi lab you need to create your account and by creating your account your link is automatically generated so here is your link ideally you need to have like the same username of on instagram as you're using here but in this demo i will just show you on another account but anyhow doesn't matter so you created your account you just need to copy your link and then tap here in the bottom to share so don't go to instagram app but don't create your story yet because there is a handy template here so just you will need when you create a story to type in the top part to tap on the sticker tap on the link button and pass your link and then just move the link to the right direction and then just do that so let's just open instagram so you need to have your instagram app opened uh here is how the template looks like this is a nice template then tap in top part on the sticker and then here scroll down a bit you can search also like there is link so sticker link button and then you need to pass the ngr link uh so people who view your story can tap the sticker to visit this link you can customize sticker tags or not as you want and then here you just move this link button a bit uh so then it can show the can be visible with in the right place um and then that's basically how it works then in the bottom you can just send it to your story or to close friends then of course if you want to you can edit you can edit this story a bit you can add some effects as you can do with any other instagram story but i don't think you can change like the background or i don't know how to like do that so basically here is your story and then i just want to share it to my story and there you have it so now this is shared and now when friends visiting the story they can just tap on ng link and they will open this page and can reply to you so that's basically how it works and then you will receive messages in your inbox so pretty cool so the text on instagram story just depends on this uh what which text you have here so i had [Music] before i had sent anonymous compliments and then that's basically is here so of course you can just change the text a bit and change this prompt to be uh maybe you have bigger interaction with specific text so after that the one thing is left is just wait until you receive these messages and then you can reply to them in instagram

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