Shef - Homemade delivery - app overview

so here's interesting app which is trending which is called chef homemade food delivery so let's just install it and see how it works it's only 32 megabytes it's just entered the top charts actually you see there it's just under 1000 ratings 4.9 out of 5 average writing and chef offers the greatest selection of authentic homemade dishes from around the world by connecting you with talented chefs in your neighborhood all dishes are made to order these flashes source ingredients and the carrot that can only come with a homemade meal dishes arrive refrigerated just heat eat and repeat support local order chef so that's basically it so here is the app this is your basic settings and then to create an account you can select from facebook google apple or just his email so that's just default settings which you can choose so yeah then you can just sign up view shops in your area and that's basically it you can allow push notifications but it depends i don't know if um if there are shafts in your area you can give the location or you can search your zip code because i don't know if this app is available in europe for example so so not here but basically that's the idea um okay let's just for the for the interest let's just google um like just for the test so for example in new york you have this homemade shops you can see popular dishes um so for example if you want to order this you can just order this from like local chef similar as you know as just eat or uber eats but it's not from restaurants it's from private chefs as i understand it so that's basically the idea of the app super yeah super interesting niche in food delivery so yeah that's basically how you create an account hope that is helpful

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