Should you upgrade in Fake Posts creator app?

here is an app which is called fake post creator um yeah so should you upgrade in this app so basically when you're creating some image or like fake post uh uh you can add some content and of again so the idea of this app is just that you create in some images of the post you are not connecting your real Facebook account it's not posting to your Facebook anything it's just for fun it's just for entertainment you create an image which looks exactly like Facebook posts and then you can use that and uh yeah then you will be able to share this post with with your friends and then just have fun like for example you can create a post that has like 1 million likes and yeah just have a screenshot of that post and share it with your friends again it's not linked to your Facebook in any way so that's this is just entertainment app and then uh yeah but unfortunately you can't do much without premium so if you want to add Customs reactions and make more Super elitistic you need to upgrade if you want to change the date if you want to add comments to the post and of course if you want to add the photo to the post that's the problem is the most important feature like when you want to add photo uh yeah then you just add that so that's basically the idea um hope that is helpful uh yeah you can add for example a number of comments but then uh you can't show comments um and then you can't change that and you can't change an image hope that was helpful so make a decision if you want to upgrade it provides like a seven day free trial um so that's pretty cool and then it's 299 per week uh that is pretty expensive so it just depends if you're having a lot of fun with this app and your friends are really enjoying it or whatever purpose you're using it for so just decide on that um yeah so that's basically it um great app I think it went viral on Twitter or Tick Tock so check it out

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