Should you upgrade to ToonApp Pro?

should you get to an app pro should you upgrade you know so here is upgrade price there is a three days free trial so one week is 4.99 one year is 54.99 so that's a bargain if you want like of course like for a week it's super expensive like 20 dollars per month or so even more or you can get one year for 54.99 and there is three days free trial but remember if you have three days free trial and it says cancel any time in fact you can only use it for like two days because if you cancel like you know um just like 30 minutes before the like subscription update you will be charged that's like you can just double check the apple subscription terms um so yeah but basically i can show you what you can do with there is a version without the subscription but basically yeah it works really fun uh but the one thing is that you will need so something like this i can add change backgrounds change all of that and different photos all other stuff uh i can zoom in zoom out but i have watermark if i want to remove watermark i will need to upgrade then if i want to save it in a high quality i need to upgrade and then um yeah so all of that that's basically that and then still in the free version i can save to my device but and i can share the photo but if you want to get highest quality to use it you know and some bigger dimensions and all of that so you then you will need to upgrade other than that hope it is helpful

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