hello everyone in case you want to try out a shuffle um app on uh on test flight what i did i just i just googled shuffled pinterest test flight yeah here you can already see some videos and then maybe that's the one but then you will be able just to google that and no that's not the one but there you have it here's how it looks like shuffles by pinterest and yeah then you can just open it up and every time you open the app you can also share some screenshots and all of that but of course you still need 10 white code so it doesn't if you're using test flight doesn't mean that you can access some version of the app without the invite code you still need still need to be invited just by using the test flight portion it will help the developers to to you know better develop this app maybe you will have access to some rare features first so before all these main features are released to to all the users you will have access first that's usually what happens with test flight apps but maybe you also have some additional bugs but yeah i just googled it maybe it's already removed from google index or something like that but definitely give it a try

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