when i create a an account in shuffles app i logged in with my pinterest account it says your pinterest account and my handle is on the whitelist follow us while you are waiting and i was hoping that this app you just log in with your pinterest account and that's it but seems uh yeah you you need to enter invitation code you need to have an invite code enter it here and then you're inside the app otherwise you need to wait i don't know how long this waiting list gonna take uh for some apps it can take like you know at least a month for other apps like half a year or something um so yeah i was thinking that maybe this app is only available for example in the united states or some countries and not available in other countries and this waiting list is only for like for europe for some specific countries but no since it's all around the world and the thing is you need to wait until your friends or colleagues or someone else has entered the app and then he or she can refer up to five people and you just need to desperately ask this invite from them so that's what it is at the moment so shuffles app is growing pretty high in the charts is becoming this viral app so i think the creators achieved the aim where everyone is just hyped around it everyone's just looking for how to get access fast and that's basically it i hope this is helpful

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