Shuffles by Pinterest - how to create an account?

Here's interesting app called Shuffles by Pinterest. Let's get it to see what this is about. It's growing in Top Charts in the US App Store. You can download it. You can see the size of it. Yeah, that's the app.

"Shuffles is a new app designed for collective collaging. Want to curate a festival outfit? Visualize your dream bedroom? Mood board your current aesthetic vibe? Or just express yourself by creating something beautiful, strange, or funny? You will love Shuffles."

"Snap exactly the objects you want using the camera; find inspiration; cut out, layer, rotate, resize; add animations and effects; share privately; remix other people's Shuffles."

There are some good reviews already. "The app is so good. I'm actually pretty obsessed. It's super intuitive but also I feel like I find a new feature all the time. The one feature I wish they would add is an archive one like they have on the official Pinterest app. I use it all the time over there, and I wish I had it on Shuffles."

Then, I already have my Pinterest account, and Pinterest app installed here. Unfortunately, it says Shuffles is invite-only. So you need to either enter invite code, get help, or join waitlist.

"Your Pinterest account is now on the waitlist and follow us while you are waiting." So unfortunately, it's on the waitlist.

I'm not sure if this app is available everywhere, or is it invite-only, or maybe it's available already in the United States or some other countries, but maybe not because it's already growing quite high in the charts in the US App Store, meaning that a lot of users already have access.

There are 89 ratings so far. I'm just curious that there. "Can't even log in." "Good." "Running into a bug." "Exactly what Pinterest needed. Amazing app and the most logical next level to Pinterest board. Cut-out feature works surprisingly well, and the UI is pretty intuitive. Love that I can pull pins straight from my own boards." "Super glitchy, getting worse." "Fun." "App so good, I'm overwhelmed." "Genuinely, my dream app." "So great." "Love this app." "Super fun."

That's the idea. But unfortunately, it just says Shuffles is invite-only right now. If you have an invitation code, you can just enter it here, but I don't know where to get it. Maybe on Pinterest. Maybe they will announce something on their blog or maybe they just releasing it to selected creators. Otherwise, hope this is helpful.

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