Sign up to Coinbase NFT via referral link!

hey everyone so if you didn't know coinbase announced it will release a nft marketplace so something like openc or writerobola foundation app so coinbase is one of the top exchanges for crypto but it didn't have any nft website or business so now it will just enter that space but it's only the wait list at this moment so you need to sign up so you can use my referral link so just use this code i will leave it in the description below nft slash announce slash one ssrkc so you can use this link as many as possible and then if you use it basically you can just sign up on the waiting list and also my rank will go higher and maybe i will get faster into the this an ft marketplace i'll get early access and then i can create more videos and share uh features with you so just use this link of course you can also sign up um [Music] yourself but try also out to use this link and let's see what happens

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