SnapChat MyAI - Full Overview

here with your Snapchat Plus and they introduced a new viral feature uh well it's not viral but maybe it will become it's called My AI it it's it's a new kind of like AI chatbot ins inside your Snapchat it's only available for Snapchat Plus subscribers not for everyone but yeah this is just a new feature and it's an experimental friendly chatbot available exclusively for Snapchat Plus subscribers who get access for latest pre-release features it will roll out uh only to subscribers in United States to start so it's not yet available to everyone so I'm in Europe so it's not available to people in Europe so yeah uh just it's like a personal sidekick to its snapchatter who chats with it so it's kind of like yeah you are just another contact like AI friend uh with with who you can chat you know there are a bunch of already like chatting apps with school you can chat starting from replica it's like romantic chatting apps to Chai like so many of those and they're getting a lot of traction actually because it can be fun and it can be pretty entertaining and in chat conversation my AI can answer burning trivia question or for advice and the perfect gift for a BFFs birthday help plan a hiking trip but then we can suggest what to make for dinner and my AI is there to help and to connect you more deeply to the people uh you Karma you can give my a nickname and tell it about your likes and dislikes uh so yeah uh is it by I think it still is based on chat GPT and up it's working closely with open AI um and then of course the questions are are your conversation stored in Snapchat can anyone access your my AI conversations uh in Snapchat and then you can see yeah all your interactions with my AI are stored until you delete them just like real friends the more you interact the better it gets uh uh you can hide messages sent to my eye in your chat within 24 hours you can also delete your entire chat history don't use my ad to generate political sexual heresy and deceptive content um your interactions with my Ai and City level location will be used by my AI your data will be used to improve my AI so you just need to know that so all your conversations will be used to train this AI model so yeah that's what it is I don't have it yet on my Snapchat so but if you have Snapchat then you in your ass and your subscriber to Snapchat Plus which is like 3.99 per month they're releasing a lot of features like literally every month so give it a try it can be quite fun so it's kind of like a chat GPD inside of your Snapchat

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