SnapChat Plus - customize your camera button - full overview

here's Snapchat Plus and I just added a new cool feature where you can customize your camera button so let me show how it works so basically here you have Snapchat Plus and when I try to record you see this weird fidget spinner in the bottom and then also you can see that that background is blue and when I so how to do that uh you can go to Snapchat Plus in your profile and top left go to app seam and then you can customize your capture button so it can be a hard it can be bought like soccer ball it can be this Diamond like this uh yeah different colors for example if you just want to have like this color it also looks like that uh and then let's just try again to record it and it's instantly is being charged and it's so either you can just change it to a different color or you can add to like some different uh Styles and all of that so it's like pretty cool um by default it's like yellow or you can just disable recording frame but there you have it

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