Snowbank crypto $SB can you buy on Coinbase? How to buy on traderjoexyz?

hey everyone so let's share another cool crypto opportunity so it's called snowbank snowbank crypto frank dell uh so um sb is a decentralized reserve currency that remains unbound by a bag solving liquidity ownership a vanilla or a champ with a twist available on avalanche um so yep um so there you have it so it's a new token i think it was just released staking is now available as well so staking means that you can earn some interest on it um so as you can see the snow bank was just launched recently and there is a lot of like talk about it a lot of virality so that's quite cool um [Music] so yeah i don't exactly know like all the details um oops uh if you if you know better idea about like what is snow bank what it's a good opportunity or why it's bad to purchase it just leave it in the comments below i'm just sharing my uh my thoughts here so you can purchase sb and try their job for um i am here um can you only use mim to purchase now west on trader joe [Music] so there are a lot of different uh replies here so you can only buy it here um [Music] like this i actually didn't i didn't uh use this website earlier so you can only trade seams like this and then you need to connect your wallet which is uh usually just a [Music] wallet connect where you can use metamask rainbow trust bitpay token pocket it's like there are so many wallets like that so yeah that's that's the idea basically so you can uh you can buy it on trader joe x like that uh um like just to check of course it's not a while ball on coinbase yet because coinbase is monthly for mostly for um like stable coins for [Music] well-known like assets so it's not here so you can't buy it on snowbank um so there you have it if you have any other insights are you bullish or are you bearish on this like what do you think about this token so i'm just sharing my videos hoping there are more comments and more discussion so hope that was helpful

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