SoFi app - quick overview & how to create an account?

okay so here is sophie app invest in trading app where you can just invest in stocks and trade crypto so this app recently climbed to the top 100 apps in finance category and top 100 overall apps in apple app store so that's pretty interesting [Music] and then you can download uh now and there are some prizes and you can win up to like thousand dollars in the free stock when you download the app and you can also invest in uncommon i ipos and buy crypto earn up to two percent cashback monitor credit score and all of that so it's like financial super app so let's go through here so there are 90k plus ratings 4.8 out of 5 average rating and then if you just open this app let's see yes so here is that and then when you want to create an account let's just try to create an account um you can just also skip so let's try to do that i think you can only open that if you are i think in united states or maybe not let's check it out so i just entered my details you can enable touch id okay so you can actually create an account in sofia app uh yeah just like that so there you have it this is the app this is where you can in west you can hear the money tab send money serious sof fee credit card separate investing tab there is also ipo in westin which i find interesting and then there are also lawns so yes that's how it works um yeah so that's the idea the quick preview how you create an account                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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