Spark Creative Play app - is it available on Android/Google Play Store?

here is spark creative Play app and this app was I think recently released and it's just one in the top charts because I it's made by like famous YouTuber Mariah Elizabeth she's like you know very creative YouTube person she has all this like uh creative how to do videos like you know and then she created this another app where you can draw and it's kind of like a social media spark creative play it's available on iOS and I've said it's yeah it's in top charts right now so yeah you can search for Morales but to know more about her but like is it available on Android or Google Play Store in case you don't have an iPhone so I just was doing some quick search so just for you uh yeah it's not there it's not available on Android I think at the moment probably is I just released this like test version uh yeah just to test it out uh and if it's success they will release it on uh on Android and Google Play Store yeah so hope this is helpful and yeah thank you for checking out

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