Spark - Moriah Elizabeth app - FULL OVERVIEW

here is spark creative play and let's just go through it in this in this quick tutorial I just played with it with this app for a while and seems super fun so it's like a social media like Instagram but instead of taking photos you make cool drawings and the interface of the app is very um yeah it's not usual so here you just have for example here you just have this cat you can tap on it and it will it's your helper it will suggest you what's going on here inspiration means it's like your Instagram home feed you will see all the images from other creators your daily Sparks you can just create your own image you can see your active corporations in the top left the Bell is just notification then you have um some some creation from from creators you follow and then all your personal settings so let's just go through the feed and then you can see all of the uh you know all these like images created by other people so here you can just see some you know some profiles uh you can see what people are actually able to create in this app which is pretty amazing there are like many interesting features however I need to say that this app is a bit slow but anyhow so you can see that these are not just uh not images but you can all you can do it yourself it's like very basic painting tools it's like pretty amazing and I need to say this app kind of reminds of another app which is shuffles by Pinterest where you can also create this kind of collages then Enterprise there is your account but you can go to any account creators follow them [Music] it just takes some time I don't know why the app is a bit slow though maybe just because you know there is uh no I don't think it's Wi-Fi there are a lot of users right signing up because it's like in the top charts of Graphic and Design category on the US App Store so that's probably why anyhow let's just open up again um so whatever hopefully it improves in the future and then you can just create your daily Spark so you can just add some uh images so you're basically drawing like you would draw in like Microsoft Paint or something like that and then yeah that's basically the idea what you can do and then you just accept it and then you can just save your creation visible to everyone and yeah so of course there are so many like drawing tools you can use here and I'm like super impressed what other creators can actually achieve and like which high quality images can they do with just all these basic tools so here you can also have public or private Creations which you can use then there are settings if you're not happy you can just delete your account and data there is a community which you can join on Discord uh there is a profile you can create new Avatar here and yeah kind of cool uh done uh co-creations meaning that you can co-create uh with other people you can create these images together so it's kind of cool this will be your home to check your status and invitations for any co-creation Sparks you are playing with others so you can try that then you have all this inspiration [Music] um some notifications was happening it's possible to follow users here but it's not possible to message or add the front or anything so you just follow other profiles and then you just tap on them and then you can see their images uh yeah and then you can report them so that's basically it uh super interesting app definitely check it out especially if you like drawing on your phone it's like super relaxing it's trust reliving and you share with other people and maybe you can become famous collect some followers here uh yeah super interesting

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