Spellbound+ app - project 863

I was doing app reviews and stumbled this cool app - Spellbound+.

First, I didn't really understand the concept, but I think I get it. And it is super cool idea!

So, basically this social media app is organized around stories by creators.

For example, you are a Youtuber and creating a series of videos about some cool adventure, story, developments... But, you want to be closer with your fans and share and engage more with them. And instead of putting it on YouTube publicly - you create unlisted videos and share only to your fans on Spellbound+ app. It is like a forum/subreddit around a specific creator story.

What is project 863 in Spellbound?

Project 863 is an early access creator story on Spellbound+ app which is followed by more than 40k members on the app. It is a series of unlisted YouTube videos where creators are sharing some mystery story. And Spellbound+ members are following and discussing it.

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