here is splitwise app so i just created an account so now you can add expenses you can settle up and then uh let's explore let's get started so uh what you like to do first like add a group trip or at your apartment and you can also add friends so then just tap plus so uh then you can just add uh your friend here is some test email and then you can add the description and then you can add uh add an expense you must enter a description and then add some select trip okay so basically the idea is that for example you can add a group with friends with for example you are often going out somewhere then you can set up group type home trip couple other and then add members you can add some new contacts as i just showed here so yeah it's also a good idea to [Music] you know sync your contacts then you'll just instantly add your friends so then just add something like that so yep that's okay sorry i'm just trying also to figure it out then add it and then finish so then i added this person to the list then uh i can just add this expands and then just save it so for example uh here is the expense you paid hundred dollars in this group so uh you of fifty dollars and andrew owes fifty dollars so that's the idea and then uh yeah you can just you can just see this expands and then you can just settle and then you can see uh yeah who is paying who is getting paid and then you see that that person owes you this amount of money yeah then you see your activity you can see your account here you can see your passcode you can add friends and uh yeah you can see total balance and that you're out fifty dollars because i added like hundred dollars meaning that i like paid for that so that's the idea yep so something around it i hope this is helpful

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