SportsHi app full overview

hey so here is this app which is growing in top charts in your ass app store and it's called sports high and yeah basically the idea of it is that you can find all the student opportunities related to sports is there some internship leadership opportunities some scholarships and all of that so imagine for example if you like volleyball or basketball or baseball and you just want to find all this like scholarship opportunities and yeah just get some grants and develop your career so that's the great app i think it is mainly for us schools i don't think it's available outside of us so yeah now they uh launched connections and it looks more like a social network app here are some of the screenshots and yeah let's just go to the app so let's just open the app here so here is the app and if you go to discover feeds that's where you land after you create your account by the why to create an account you just need a us phone number and then it's super easy and then you just find all these like different scholarships but as i understood it's not only like now sports scholarship it's also all types of scholarships and then [Music] you just easily can apply from here change profile photo change bio um change you add your education add your achievement and then just tap i'm interested so it's basically this app becoming like a one database for all these opportunities and seems it's not only like only sport of course majorities like sport yeah so you can just see that then you can just obviously search and then you can search schools users groups you can manage your history opportunities then you can see your home tab where it's basically again like a social media so you can just connect with someone and then you can just message someone and see all the pictures like in facebook then you can also create opportunity photo or video here and then you can chat you can create a new chat just add friends here then there is your profile so that's how it looks like and you can upload profile photo and yeah seems like it says you need to be abroad to apply to scholarships and yes so yeah you need to applaud photo at your education as an achievement and then you can just easily submit all these applications to scholarships so that's that um you can also join groups and create groups and all of that if you tap on sidebar you can see again view colleges are applied to scholarships you can seems like you can search you can see all of these opportunities so that's super helpful app actually and then you can go to settings change your details change password contact support here or in case you want to delete your private data or delete your account you can just delete your account from here um so yeah that's the idea and yeah that's basically how it works so yeah that's what you can see here that's the app if you have any other suggestions how to use it better or your questions or your reviews about this app just leave it in the comments below super interesting to hear your thoughts                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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