Spotify Live - app preview

so here's spotify live app uh so previously it was called green room or something around that but seems it didn't get a lot of traction maybe because of the brand name or something like that but now this app is called spotify live a new other experience that lets artists athletes and fans share their opinions live discover conversations about your favorite music fantasy sports peaks and so much more we are breaking down the barriers to bring fans and creators closer together to communicate about big moments or subcultures they allow if it's out there get into it here so anyone is welcome to listen join in or host live conversations find your people live rooms each house each room has a host speakers and listeners you can find your people you can be your own creator uh turn live talks into podcast later so that's kind of a cool feature as well um yeah so this is the app spotify live which you can discover here previously it was called green room but it's a updated app i guess new features uh there are some issues with installation and also yeah you just tap cat and then you confirm with your touch id or face id and this is basically how it works yep so that's basically a preview have you used it have you tried to um yeah this is an interesting app i'll probably try to create another videos when the process of downloading starts

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