here's interesting app which is called spotty stats for spotify it's a amazing app if you like spotify wrapped like you know in the end of the year near christmas you have like spotify wrap and then you see all your stats all your analytics how you use spotify whatever top tracks top artist of albums most lists in songs and all of that but it's only once per year from spotify so here you can have that like every day you can just open this up connect your spotify account and then you can just see all your top tracks all your full streaming history which you can do in spotify all your global like global charts your top charts your top artists your top albums and stats for each artist so here you can see just amazing you know analytics and dashboards and all of that so yeah let's just go through the app so here is the app it will soon be called statsifam because uh soon it will probably also support apple music so that's cool then you can see what you last played on spotify you can see a top artist during the past four weeks or during yeah you can just modify that during the past four weeks six months lifetime or some custom period if you want to upgrade your custom period you need to upgrade to um yeah to plus version of this app but anyways then you can see your top playlists others in playlist recently played on spotify so here you can see all the tracks i played during until up to five days and then if you want to get full stream in history again you need to upgrade but i didn't know that you can do it because you're in spotify that's basically how it works then there are like top charts uh top tracks um during the last four weeks during last six months or during lifetime so there you have it something like that um then you can see all your stats or your genres um during again during the last four weeks six months of lifetime danceable energetic instrumental lively so this has has some of characteristics of my tracks and then uh yeah then i can see friend requests i can invite and add friends here so if i want to add someone i can add uh um like send friend requests like that um and then here is global charts for today uh so you can see global charts for today number of streams um yeah but these are not like uh global global charts i think the data here is a bit not precise because it's only using the data which people who upload that like literally imported their spotify history into this app so that's not like a big amount of people so it says there by some of the stats of all stats of fm plus users who have imported their streaming history so yeah it's not super precise but it can give you some tranq trend and you can go to some song if you like it you can see audio features you can see album then if you like it you can open to spotify you can even see audio analysis what is the key here uh if you want to see lyrics you need to upgrade um yeah so something like that um so these are like different options like i can also see here uh what's your popularity uh like for example this track uh what are the different stats about it what has a artist included what is the bpm or something like that so it's kind of interesting app so yeah that's about it then if you're not happy you can always delete your account from here here is your account you just can create a username um you can check out all the algorithms if you want to change them uh and then if you want to upgrade to spotty stats plus remove all ad stopped in 99 instead of top 50 artist tracks you can check out your top albums and then you can import your full history so if you want all of that you can just upgrade uh to spotif stats plus 3.99 and one time purchase so that's about it one time purchase so it's not like a monthly recurring subscription or yearly subscription just one time purchase and that should be it so there you have it for the support you can go to discords body stats there are like almost 5 000 members you can see all their database so again i think this is not like precise spotify database but just starts a fam database but i think it's becoming bigger and bigger so you can see like three million plus users so something around that and yeah so that's the idea basically hope that was helpful definitely give a try to this app also subscribe to my youtube channel check out my podcast on spotify mr hacker check out my blog and see in the next episodes

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