here is a sweat Wallet app so the popular question is like how to stake your SWAT coin how to grow it so here you just have this grow button so first of all of course you need to create an account here via sweatcoin app it's a different app uh which tracks your steps and for tracking your steps you earn some points and then these points are converted in sweat wallet so yeah it's a separate app it's called sweatcoin there you have it so just first create an account there and then login to sweat wallet VR SWAT Coin App so that's that then you have sweat wallet and then here tab grow here you need to create like a gross jar it means what Wallet app where you will be able to stake your sweat coin token uh you can earn twelve percent per year but then you need to lock it for one year uh also you can work for six months your sweat then six percent per year and starter three months three percent per year and then you just select this and then you can create another jar and then just uh yeah just continue and create a jar and there you have it now as you can see I have already one jar if you need if you yeah if you have some other sweat you can you need to create another Jazz I understand you can't just add a jar here so here it is the popular twelve percent per year and I have this and I put the 65 sweat and I earned already 0.07 sweat and to the end of the year I should earn like eight sweat so that's basically how it works uh yeah and then you can just create a new jar and after you did that uh you will be able to participate in some giveaways and some prizes uh you can like Amazon gift cards or anything uh so then you can just submit and there you have it so that's basically at that so just because of doing this gross jars you can also participate in all of this and not in all but it's just in some uh some of these draws

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