STREAKS in noteit widget app EXPLAINED

so actually here is knotted app and this strike system where you have strikes when you know if you don't send you need to send notes every each day and then your strike doesn't break if your strike breaks this strike system delete all your knots uh and that's pretty cruel punishment as some users tell it and it doesn't incentivize to send more knots but instead discourages from uh from sending notes at all so that's basically that um so i can just show you in the app so here i can just go to noted app so i can just tap noted and then here it is and then i can just open it up um okay good and um yeah okay anyhow i can just tap here and then i can see strike and then basically my previous notes which i send are deleted because my strike is zero so that's basically that a lot of people don't like this i don't know if it's possible to avoid it if it's possible to upgrade people actually would pay for it to avoid this feature uh because uh yeah it's it's a bit annoying even with your partner is if sending new notes every single day it's like it's too much for some people so i don't know what to do with it and what's the best way around it here it still will show notes from your partner but it won't show your notes and also after recent update it's not possible to to see your drawings progress and have it saved so that's that if you have any other comments leave it in the comments below

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