Substack Notes - what is it? Quick overview

If you're a writer or a reader on Substack, you might have heard about Substack Notes. But what exactly are they? In this article, we'll provide a quick overview to help you understand.

Substack Notes are essentially short-form posts that are published on Substack. They're not newsletters, but rather, they're more like tweets - short, to the point, and perfect for sharing brief thoughts, recommendations or ideas.

You can easily find Substack Notes within the platform. They're located in the "Notes" tab, which you can access from the main Substack menu. On the "Notes" tab, you'll see a feed that features the latest Notes published by writers that you follow.

One of the benefits of Substack Notes is that readers can engage with them by "liking" them, commenting on them or sharing them with others. This helps build a sense of community around a writer and encourages conversation and collaboration.

Substack recently launched Notes to all its writers and readers, and it's available across the platform - on their website and mobile app. To give it a try, simply tap “try notes” and log in with your Substack email.

Overall, Substack Notes are a great way for writers to create short-form content and for readers to keep up with their favorite writers. They're easy to publish, easy to engage with and provide a space for more informal, conversational content. If you haven't tried them out yet, give them a go - you might find an entirely different side of the Substack ecosystem.

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