hello everyone so recently substance just introduced uh ios app so that's pretty cool and in this video let's just explore it everything how to install it how to you know what you can do with it how it looks like and all of that for readers the app brings all your substance subscriptions together in one venue giving you beautiful focus place to read your favorite writers discovery features make it easier to find following along with new writers and also the upbringings text audio video and community seamlessly and also there is like a uh for writers uh there is also a feature here you retain total ownership of your content mailing list so yeah probably you should be also able to create you know content from this sub stack app this is just the first version if you want to send some feedback so you can reach out to them and this app is only on on ios iphones right now it's not on android so anyways get the app let's just you know see how it looks like what are the reviews there uh it it was in the media uh everywhere but yeah as so there you have it the app this is quite small 11.2 megabytes uh and then you can see here the average rating is pretty high however there aren't that many ratings 4.9 out of five 1.5 k ratings uh i'm just like curious so there is only stack reader app right but what about if i want to produce content from from my phone like is there an app for that for writers so no it's only substack reader app and there are a bunch of other apps so so finally it is installed so here you can see just your inbox discover library all of that so let's just open it up so now you just need to create an account or log in and then i just need to check my email so let's let's explore so the email should arrive now sign in to sub stack sign in to sub stack app and then yeah so now it takes some time let's see if if i can log in i think i have had an account which was that email before so it just takes some time but yeah probably there are still some issues even if it is like a new app uh yeah like there are some bugs and it can be slow maybe there are so many users um oops so for some reason yeah i um i can't log in yet okay i tried another email so i restarted substack app right now so there are as you can see there are still some like weird bugs here and then so so this link is can be used once only so finally after a few tries now i'm i'm signed in yay um so now i can just see my inbox and i can see basically all my newsletters here for me it's like you need a certain concept big concept because uh like why would you need like a separate sub stack app if basically you have your like email app and you just read all your newsletters there but of course for people who exactly enjoy the sub stack it can be much there are some additional features you can manage subscription from here okay you can't for now maybe in future you can subscribe you can see people about later so just a bit more features and more uh sub stack substacky experience as you can see then you can just discover then you can see your library your podcasts all of that and then you can see your boss your writings edit profile support so you can just add your full name you can add your profile picture you can display on my profile where you want to go uh then if there is a new uh like uh item in your inbox you can just easily see it here so it arrived you know and you just seen this orange icon so that's kind of cool then you can archive all these items in your in your inbox so yeah i think maybe it's it's even better like you know if you want to be really focused on some newsletters you like to read and if your email is similar to mine where i have like the amount like thousands of unread emails and i just basically abandoned my email app um so yep um like a separate stack reader app makes sense but i like also that is like super super minimalistic you can also see audio versions here you can see all of you know just like content you can like you can see comments uh so you can share it you can you can archive it um yeah so i like the minimalistic approach to this app not pushing so much stuff but just like doing some basic features you can reach out to support sign out um so that's that and now i also got this like first thousand email to the newsletter to my email so it's like that's what i was talking about of course i'm also receiving this newsletter to my email client to apple mail but also it arrives in the app and i will receive like push notification probably from this app so just like what you prefer better of course then this app kind of becomes similar to medium something like that but that's just what you think about it anyways that that's an overview of sub stack app uh uh let's also you know just let's just go through some reviews in the in the app store what people uh right in here the average rating is is uh quite high and people are writing there is finally an app i'm excited to see that substance has an app now so i can see all the writers i'm subscribed to uh i enjoy the smooth movement into that to see all of my subscription on one list instead of hunting for them in my email um so there you have that i think that's the main feature like if you subscribe to your email and you're getting 500 other emails it's like super annoying just to find and filter out all your favorite authors from sub stack in your email client so it's just much easier to do just in your app uh and it's other people disappointed there are some bugs i'm not receiving all my posts in my inbox uh so it's rather including your whole feed inside the app it only shows spots that were sent as emails missing a few things minimize comments thread um only this app only uses random serif one that appears to be 10 points in size my b9 so the font is too small cannot sign in so that's the feature which i had so yeah so yes you can see i just in this video that i also couldn't sign in into this app uh network connection has been lost uh it says some people needs a lot of work still for reading app is disappointing you cannot just font size or have a dark mode on a weighted app so far so good mind want to wait no customer service you can't talk a human if you incur a problem without uh so yeah some people still say that there are like some bugs but overall that that their reviews are really nice that are five stars reviews and i think like for me like the experience except like trying to sign in for three times was actually pretty smooth and like i like the design and on this iphone 7 it looks pretty okay um so yep there you have it what do you think guys do you like it i also i also was expecting that you would have something like stack writer app because for me i more and more just tend to produce a lot of my content on mobile phone for example youtube i just produced a lot of that on mobile podcast you can also do that on mobile and even try to write some simple blocks on mobile that's how you are attached to it and that's gives you mobility like you know instead of like bringing your laptop with you everywhere and you just have some idea while traveling or something like that and yeah you can easily produce few paragraphs of the newsletter just on your mobile phone so i would be really excited to see some really nice substance writer app other than that there you have it hope this overview was helpful for you just to have an idea and let's catch up in the next episodes follow my website mr hector check out like of course my youtube and my tic talk see in the next videos

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