SUMMER DATING APP - how to create an account?

here's interesting app which is called summer summer dating app dating and new friends so here is the app which you can discover and yeah more dating less waiting swiping fatigue is real and we are here to put an end to it once and for all so let's just install the app and midsummer summer previously known as spark is the fastest growing new dating app that allows you to spend less time swiping and more time dating and some will show you users who are closest to you it's like being at the bar and scanning the room except from somewhere you know who is single and you don't have to leave the house so that's basically the app so to create an account you can do it with your phone or i just do it with apple id so that's the idea um and then you can just add some of your birthday uh or you can yeah you know like set up um [Music] uh you need to enter your name you cannot change it later then you need to upload photos camera camera roll you need to apply the three three at least three photos so let's just uh yeah just add some test photos for you to check out and now yeah you can just select your trades and then you just add like personality type and all of that you can add your height then you can select what's your gender uh who do you want to meet and then just tap next write the buy you can skip that you can skip university you can skip your job you can try to enable your location keep me posted you can notifications like all the basic stuff and finally you are in the app so that's the process i hope this is helpful

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