Surveys on the go - how to create an account?

so here's viral service on the go app so let's just install it and yeah let's just download it and see how it works so let's just use touch id face id to install and you can see over 50 000 ratings it's in top charts and the idea of the app that you can just make some little extra cash with premium surveys so just you know uh just share some participate in surveys and get paid in cash and you you can get rewards you can even withdraw it to your paypal make cash by taking service we pay you real cash not points it's fast and most surveys will pay from one to five dollars so just like i don't know if this app is completely legit i'm just trying to do an overview i just seen that it's like in the top charts in the app store so i'm not like that i will 100 recommended for to use this app no just use at your caution because a bunch of these apps can be actually pretty scammy so yeah here you can create your account this is just email app or facebook so i just can create an account with apple and then let's just see uh you need to review terms and conditions and then yeah you can look through them so just better read it carefully and there you have it so [Music] yep you can enable push notifications if you want but that's just that's that uh so yeah so currently there are no surveys um [Music] you can enable uh your notifications and then uh yeah you can enable this kind of vpn to enable this kind of digital uh soros i don't know what that is and then uh here's your current balance buyout history and you can redeem at ten dollars uh so you can redeem to amazon visa starbucks or paypal so that's the idea but at the moment there are no surveys for some reason so i don't know how this app is legit

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