so here is bitcoin app and uh as you can see this is the app uh where you can earn their cryptocurrency just by walking and i just sign up uh i had my account there already and i can see that just by working and like basically carrying my my phone with myself uh i just have like this option to earn their crypto and yeah so i hear i have total steps which i did this week just i don't i wasn't running with the phone or something so it's quite a low amount maybe and then uh and then you can see even from that i earned like 12.55 as wc so this is the numbers that of sweet coins i've earned uh and then you can see that i didn't get any daily bonus didn't get anything from invites or and from daily boost and yep so that's basically it so like uh sweetcoin is the app which kind of uh originally you could earn some sweet coin coins just by walking and then you could only purchase something with them like paypal gift card inside internal marketplace but it was really really hard to get to get uh like a huge amount of coins even for 10 bucks you needed to walk like you know tens of kilometers uh like maybe hundreds uh here now there is a cryptocurrency which they announced it will be should be released during this summer and uh yep so then i don't know maybe it will go up in price or maybe not maybe maybe it's a scam but yeah actually not sure so you never know with all these cryptocurrencies how it will behave uh it of course will depend on utility and all of that but here you can see your balance and that's that's the app and then you can see like the the motto of the app is that you are working for crypto uh so that's basically the idea uh yes this is how the app looks like it's for free and then it just connects to your health kit and yeah you can just earn like you you get in steps and then you can earn crypto just by working of course you need to have your phone with you or apple watch or any way that hells kit data is provided so here you can also invite people so this is where you have it uh so this is my invite link speech code dot in slash i slash i slash i slash and and this is my username so that's where you can try out this app overall hope this is helpful and thank you for watching and see in the next videos

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