t2 social app - what is it? How to join a waitlist?

hey everyone so here's T2 social app so you can just access in the browser teacher social and this is one of the alternatives to Twitter um which is uh got some attention from uh from many influencers on Twitter from like you know Tech reviewers and all of that and it's considered as one of the possible alternatives to Twitter so to join wait please just tap join join white list and then you just need to um joined that to T2 white list completes your interest and leave your email you leave your Twitter account and yeah there you have it um so yeah maybe it will also go viral as you know you have like this post news app which really got uh viral recently uh people are rapidly trying to find some alternatives to Twitter while it's in the mid in the midst of some a lot of changes so some people like this changes some people don't um so and then here you just have some little preview how it works and yeah so super interesting so make sure to up join the waitlist here

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