Tally app - how to install on iPhone and create an account?

okay so here's tally app uh which helps you to pay off credit card that faster so let's try to install it in iphone and this app is right now she's featured in the app store because it got new updates and as you can see it's in the top 100 no maybe top 200 finance apps on app store so it's basically automated app manager it helps you to save money manage credit cards and pay down balances faster you just can sign up for tally and see if you're eligible for a credit line or yeah your credit check won't impact your credit score um it's available in only in united states and in most states except yeah except three so download tally find your savings organize your cards so yeah and then there are all these fees and all of that but here i'm just showing you up how to install the app um custom credit line and then i can just start so what you will need your first [Music] name email address and then uh you need to go through all this process like adding your basic information writing credit check or receive your offer so then you need to add your phone number um so yeah here i'll just try to use the app to show you guys how it works wow however so this is what you need what's your personal annual salary just add that and then can you run a credit check this will not affect your credit score yes i agree and then you need to use your social security number and then they use encryption to keep your data safe so yeah that's the idea um so yeah that's how it works um [Music] hopefully it is helpful um yeah fashion i don't have a ssn number so you need to be resident and you ask to have that and then then you just proceed with instructions if you have any additional comments just leave them below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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