Tertulia app overview

here is interesting trending app it's worth to check it out it's called tertullia so it's recently grown in the charts and the main purpose of this app is that you can easily discover some new books uh so as you can see there are just five ratings here's how it looks like discover and buy books recommended by voices you trust see what books are buzzing today and then yeah you can you can check it out so let's just open it up and then you need to request so at the moment it's it's only waiting list so i don't know when it will be available for everyone but yeah you can go to twitter and maybe ask on twitter what i know is that this is the app by the co-founder uh by the founder of rt um and yeah it's it's inter super interesting app uh there is netflix for movies there is spotify for music and and but there really wasn't an equivalent discovery experience for books and you can just see that it just this app got a lot of press here you can see some previews uh i don't know how exactly will that work like who will recommend all of these books and uh maybe you yeah you just uh yeah maybe it will be just exactly like like uh spotify or where maybe you just have like all these influencers and you can see which books they are reading like for example you can see like the duolipo is reading these books or uh yeah that you know some other artists or influences is written in other books so that's basically the idea uh yep that's that's the preview i don't know when exactly there is a full access so you can go to tertula.com and request early access and then yeah that's basically that

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