The Zeus Network - app overview

hello so here is the app which is called the zeus network so let's try to install it so just tap get and then let's just use touch edit to install so here you can see some really original contents uh original zeus series you can stream it anywhere so it is an interesting app it's already in the top charts in us app store so let's see how to subscribe and what the pricing is for the monthly or yearly basis pricing can varied originally confirmed before the purchasing the app okay so that's the standard so here you can log in you can subscribe so 59.99 per year of 5.99 per month so let's just explore content you can enable notifications so here's an overview what you can see i don't know if all these series are uh original or yeah uh like how the library is uh created but yep uh there you have it so then you can see how it looks like you can add it to my list you can uh yeah share you can start watching so yeah and there are trailers and then yeah you can see that these are zeus original series so there are different types of series here so uh yeah so that's that so hope uh yes this is just an overview interesting app i never heard about it before and here on the series you can see lock if it's locked but also some of these episodes are unlocked so it means you can actually play them with a probably free subscription or without subscription just to try out the app and see how it looks like so yeah uh try it out i don't know if there is enough for that on android or if there is a website or but there you have it

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