TickFamous app what is & how to use?

okay so here is stick famous app so let's try to use it um let's try to install and just go through in case you're interested how it works um so you can just get like all the analytics and all the data for your tick tock account i guess and for your followers your followers growth your popularity and all that just get better analytics basically so let's see how that might work so here i'll just enter my tick tock username um okay if i want to get coins i can just follow this and then i just tap on the followers tab and then um i can see my follower stats um then yeah that's how it works then you can track likes uh i don't really recommend i don't know if you want to buy all of this i'm not sure if you should do that because [Music] it's against the um i think some guidelines here and it's not the way to grow your tick tock account but yeah here you can just go to the webcenter i and then just buy like membership for six months or 12 months and all of that so then just earn coins by following like in others and then just and then so yeah it's basically like a marketplace like for like kind of system sub for sub as you had it somewhere on other places but i don't know if you should use it but yeah it exists so if you just follow like for example here you just need to click follow switch to tick-tock you follow back to dick famous get six coins and then when you get six coins you can just get more exposure here so that's the way to promote your profile so yeah that's how it works yeah anyways also follow my tic tac account at mr hakio i post some cool tech app overviews there but that's how this app works hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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