TikTok Account Warning - what is it?

here is tick tock and like after a few restrictions you can uh sorry after a few warnings you can see like the account warning notification uh just under your username in tick tock so what does it mean so you can see some violations of their guidelines so yeah tiktok has community guidelines similar to other services and uh yep you just need to read them super carefully before posting any videos here and yep this is uh and that this guidelines are becoming quite strict but i just don't know like how how long does it uh does this account warning take and uh yeah like what can be the consequences and all of that and like how how much time does it need to be that it disappears from from your account or is it suggested to your followers is it shown to your followers and all of that so yeah but of course it understood understandable from their from their side that uh that they only want to have like save content and it actually it means that uh probably like tick tock will soon enable a lot of ads and will push much more with tick tocks tick tock ads and monetization because before their policies were at a little uh less strict so that's that so anyhow if you have similar warning just leave your suggestions comments experience below i just need to know what do you think about it

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