in this video I'm gonna walk you through Tick Tock Now app which is the newest addition to tick tock app um so how it works basically maybe you just open your Tick Tock app and you see this new tab it's called now tab it's it's to the right of the Home tab so you see that and like what what is it about in the top you see friends and then you you see now uh uh basically you need to open this app it's a separate app uh I think in your ass version of tick tock so if you have created your tiktok account with your ass phone number it should be inside of a tick tock app itself but in other countries it is a separate app so if you try to download tiktok now app from us it won't be available in the App Store but if you try to download it from some European country for example then it will be available so the concept of it is that Tick Tock is basically trying to still be real burial is a viral app in social media it's a swiping through the top charts uh it's yeah as you can see top three apps it's like be real it's in the top charts and it's like a new authentic social media uh compared to more uh fake Instagram and more fake Tick Tock where people try to you know to share some unrealistic images and pretend that they live in some like ideal lives and all of that be real just sends you a notification per day uh wire you need to post an image or uh yeah just a picture of yourself uh yeah here it is uh like with front and back camera so you just have two minutes you just can post only one picture per day and you just post light wherever you are you can be traveling you can be at work you can be sitting on the sofa and you just do that and it creates this sense of like closeness and intimacy with your close circle of friends of course you can also share it to everyone on be real but yeah that's that's the main hook of this app it's bad it's getting extremely popular among teenagers and this new trend so Tick Tock is trying to use that as they basically created a clone of burial inside Tick Tock app so the concept is the same you create your account in Tick Tock Now app you log in with your Tick Tock account and then you need to allow notifications and once per day you will receive notification from this app that it is time to post and during three minutes you need to post uh some content so let's try it out so here it is I have three minutes to post I can switch camera back and forth I can zoom in I can see zoom in the bottom I can turn on turn off flashlight and then I can just take a photo and then as you can see uh I can change privacy either friends or everyone um so yeah let's just do this I can tap retake in the top right and as you can see there are two photos taken one with front camera one is back camera but I can't control like two cameras at the same time so if you want to be more focused on your selfie just take photo of your selfie camera if you want to be focused just like other view landscape you attack with a back uh camera and then I just tap okay and then uh basically this Tick Tock now is posted it says 19 hour late meaning that yeah I didn't post it when I received notifications in the bottom left I can see the time exactly when I posted it I can like it I can comment it I can send it to someone and that's it so now if I uh yeah I I need to follow back someone uh and that's basically it so now there is explore tab where uh I can see all these pictures from other people but I can only see them when I posted my picture you know as you can see it's pretty Limited at the moment there aren't like huge Feats their users are just starting to explore Tick Tock now feature so yeah it's just getting started let's see actually if this stacks off or users stick to be real in the front step I can only see like what my friends have posted um so to add friends in Tick Tock now tab Just Tab on the middle tab it's called France Tab and here you can just search for uh for all these people you can add them and friends on Tick Tock now is the people who you follow and then these people follow you back so that's basically how it works there is now a separate add a friend tab or anything so I can have this user I can unfollow or I can remove the follower or yeah that's basically it and then you these people will be in your friends Tab and you'll be able to see what they're posting it is possible to report some content if you're not happy with it um yep then as you have seen in the top when you're taking the picture it was possible to retake content so you can also do that because sometimes if only you have like three minutes maybe you are not comfortable to take the picture right now and you just want you know to do it and then you see it's not the best quality and then you just you can retake it so you can do that in be real you can also see number of retakes then there is your profile tap in the bottom right and here you have something called Memories so what are memories memories is basically your private archive so all your photos are saved to to Memories so you you can access them later because I think it's not like Tick Tock in Tick Tock now your boss are just kept for 24 hours until you make another post and then they just disappear so they are not staying in the in the feed for like for weeks they just stand there as I understand for one day or like 24 hours and then just disappear and then they are saved as a private archive in your memories archive and that's it and as well for other people their Tick Tock now of course also disappear and other people can see yours or you can't see theirs of course you can also try to screenshot uh but uh yeah that's basically that um in the burial if you screenshot someone's post because you want to save it the the Creator will be able to see that notification that you have screenshotted that here is your settings you can manage your Tick Tock account from here you can actually even delete your tiktok account you can edit your profile photo but it's synced with your Tick Tock account so if you delete your account here you won't just delete tick tock now account you will delete your Tick Tock main account so just be careful here you can just clear cache there's privacy options um you can create private accounts you can report problem if you want you can log out so there's just like all of that this is just like some standard Tick Tock features here but I guess it's useful to clear cache because if you're using Tick Tock Now app a lot it will occupy a lot of your storage so that's basically it for for the moment um I'm just curious another cool feature would be the possibility to delete my own post because sometimes I just don't want uh yeah what to do if I want to delete it uh so here I can change privacy settings uh or I can delete it here or download so yeah maybe from here you can do that I'm still exploring this but maybe if you delete it from here it will only be deleted from your memories not from your main feed but anyhow this is the idea uh hope you like this overview check out new tick tock Now app and see you in the next videos

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