TimeWarp app - how to use? Full overview

here's the interesting app which is called Time Warp it's it's going in top charts in the US app store and I thought I would just make a quick review for you um yeah just for for you to have an idea um how it works uh yeah so here in the first step you can just see trending videos from other creators and this app like it's a bit annoying it has ads but that's what it is it has ads in the free version but you can remove them if you upgrade and then uh yeah you can just uh yeah you can see videos but okay let's let's create video ourselves so you have an idea again another ad no worse I will show you how to upgrade later um yeah so this is uh basically you can create uh videos uh or photos so for example let's try this video so what I can do I can just uh Point camera to myself or I can change the direction of the camera how you want and uh yeah this app just adds some kind of like a Blue Line Filter so take a look yeah okay this app can be a bit buggy maybe it's a older phone or something but you got the idea so there is like a blue line coming and uh if you move your phone during that period basically it kind of warps so as you can see I can do stuff like that or I can also just do a photo so it's just easier again another ad I don't need that um I think this app went viral because uh it's it went wire on Tick Tock so here I have a yeah I can just take a photo for example okay let's try again but it's getting better and it's uh it's improving um so here you have it and then I can just tap photo and then you can see that it actually goes down and uh yeah it creates kind of this photo of course without blue lines and then you can just save to library you can share it yeah share Snapchat on Instagram here you can also add some brightness you can add some timer when you want to do that and yeah that's the main functionality of this app is that it creates kind of this warped videos and word photos and then you can just experiment with them you can really create some really amazing projects and photos and videos and all that and then all of it is just saved to your gallery like so you can see another example I just was trying it out so you can delete um here you can send some feedback if you want to unlock premium features I don't know what are those features but yeah you can see them here so you can get three days free trial 149 per month you can yeah unlock all limited items daily update trading 100 no ads um have a chance to use early update version with new feature or you can also you can upgrade 999 dollars lifetime you can yeah also get like three days free trial for 149 dollar per month uh there is only free trial option on on that plan so that's basically the idea uh yeah hope that is helpful interesting app is going viral on Tick Tock other guys people just creating these filters new videos and just adding a hashtag so other users can find those so yeah that's basically the the idea of it um uh yeah so hope you you find this app helpful and easy to use hope this tutorial was easy to watch

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