Totwoo app - Love & Connection - how to create an account?

also here is interesting app to too low and connection so let's just install this app um maybe it's some chinese app or something like that uh the app which is connected with 22 smart jewelry jewelry is the world's first smart jewelry brand that combines social technology and fashion together established by chinese internet celebrity and marco del maso an emerging jewelry designer from italy tutu was launched in milan 2015 and received many international awards and much positive feedback from world fashion insiders so here uh you can enjoy eight smart functions to make your experience in love and luck logo tap jewelry lightly the jewelry that disparate visible flash and vibrate to make you feel loud connection memory add your favorite memories and serve it to your jewelry call reminding choose specific color to make significant contracts my horoscope stand up provide an activity track in the shining mode and all of that so i let me check if i understand this correctly so i just need to agree to that then uh you can access contacts and then also you need to enter your phone number so let's just do that so from here let's just enter phone number then just get code code has been sent and let's just fight for it it didn't arrive yet so okay so i'll just then try another number so i'll try united states sorry for that seems it does doesn't work this way so united states and then i can just type here so here is the app i'm using sun r1 so here it works with us number so yeah as you can see maybe some other countries just don't work and then here let's just enter my password and then just tap confirm and there you have it so now you have different tutus um different models and then you can just connect it then you can select your gender then you can just select your year and then there you have it and then you can just tap to connect your device connect with your significant other and let them know that you're thinking of them so the idea is that you have this device which can be a piece of jewelry or something like that and then it can basically send some signals or vibrate a bit or something like that and then you have this device for you and your partner and yeah you can send different types of operations uh between each other so that's quite interesting i think there was another app in this category from us developer but still i think this is an interesting trend

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