TouchTunes app overview - how to use

here is touch tunes app so let's just install it control the jukebox so completely new design personalized app the jv spotify and the idea is of this app that the you can download the touch tunes app to place the jukebox at or 65 000 bars restaurants and local hotspots enjoy a personalized experience based on your play history and preferences quickly queue up songs from a handpicked playlist that you can create in the app or by syncing the music already on your phone you can also select your top artists and genres and will recommend songs for you and free credits and other parks visit dj author 65000 touch tunes jukebox location but i need to say probably it's only working in the us so far so only in your ass location not sure though so let's just open the app and see what's what it is about so here uh yeah you need to select the country so okay only us canada or uk so not not just us so what type of dj you are then you just need to give access to location no jukeboxes around you can but anyways uh with the jukebox listed as i know please notify the venue staff the jukebox is currently offline you might have moved since you were last on the map screen please pull down on the list of jukeboxes to refresh it it's just one jukebox missing from the list so you can just contact bam as well um uh so here you have uh for example yeah it will be mostly like in in the us uh so to check in into nearby jukebox uh busy house dj and not the night the first screen you will see on the touch tunes app is a jukebox near your screen to check into jukebox simply type the name of the vinyl from the list of available venues so just go there create an account you need to log in sign up his email and or continue with apple search for a song search for some of your music title select assign and purchase duke's box credits you can pay with school buy your apple pay or credit debit card paypal press play and enjoy a song and the song will be added to the queue so that's basically um so super interesting app and idea but the unfortunate is not available in all locations so only you ask canada and uk you can you need to log in to get credit and you can't just create an account if you're not in your ass canada uk so that's just a preview but super interesting app

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