TouchTunes Live Bar JukeBox app how to create an account?

hey everyone here is TouchTunes app live bar jukebox uh control the music and play Tunes so this is quite popular app you can see over 780 000 ratings and yeah it's in top charts in the music category uh ready ready to get the vibe going it's time to get control of the Jukebox and get the part started and then you can play the Jukebox at our 65 000 bars restaurants and local hotspots enjoy a personalized experience based on your play history and preferences quickly queue up songs from a hand-picked playlist that you can create in the app or by thinking the music already on your phone um so yeah there are always like 65 000 Touch Tunes jukebox locations uh within the US I don't know if it's available in other countries to be honest um yeah so there you have it so let's just open up the app and please select the country you're in to continue so since it's only available in these three countries you ask Canada or UK and then you just select the country pick up three genres and will recommend some music so yeah you can just select some genres pick some artists uh like whatever and then Touch Tunes and uh let's use a location to find Joke Box around you I'm right now in Europe in Europe so there aren't locations in uh in around Copenhagen so yeah there you have it please log in to sign up to purchase credits and play songs so then you can just basically create an account so from here you can just start to create an account

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