Traderie app - full overview

hey everyone so here is trade the reap i think it's climbing in charge in social networking category in the app store so quite interesting app uh i think it's worth your attention especially if you're into gaming or just your interest about some cool apps and like web 3 and gaming so i think this app is like a marketplace for like gaming items you can trade adopt me royal high rocket league high pixel and more games and like items from these games so like yeah you can just in each game like you know there are some like items which you can collect and then you can just store them um but yeah then you can just buy them here on this app which works like a ebay marketplace for this gaming things uh and yes there are also giveaways or reviews notifications wish list uh and this is this app is the safest place to find trades for adopt me royal high overlook bad simulator your bizarre adventure all of that and you can make your own listings to advertiser trades or make offers and listings to find trades uh so let's just open the app and then you can create your account with google with facebook it's apple so you can just do that and then on the home screen you can select uh select the game which you are interested in in items from which you are interested so for example this can be adopt me royal high murder mystery rocket league diablo bad simulator so for example if i just go to adopt me game i can see today's hot items i can see new items like test listings one x regular dragon some bunch of items here i can see review reply so for example if i want to buy cad so then i can just see some other listings and then you need you can make an offer but you need to add roblox username to trade the read to to be able to make that offer and then you can have have your listings you can add listing you have your own offers have each list you have reviews you can just add some bio here so that's that's basically how it works uh there is shopping cart there are chats uh um there is home screen uh there are messages uh and then there is your profile by the way if you want to delete your profile just tap on the jar icon um and then yeah uh here uh if you scroll to the very bottom you can just see this red box which is called delete your account uh so yeah if you if you're not happy you can just delete there uh then there is some echo pro subscription which i don't know what that is maybe you know better but just in case it's located there then there is your username you can change your timezone you can change language as you speak you can link discord link twitter add profile picture you can click here to upload an original profile picture or just search some icons uh so that's that uh yeah treasury has ads it's this app works is just supported by ads uh you can enable dark mode just in case but like i'm looking for can you subscribe for some premium version without ads so that would be quite fun uh just in case you can always contact us and just send some support requests so to do that just write to support so you can do that so that's basically how it works that's the idea of the app uh hope it is helpful uh i hope this overview is enjoyable uh and definitely give a try to this app if you are playing these games some of this like overlook bay bizarre adventure high pixel sky blog i think there are new games added every new time there are a bunch of roblox games so also like just again you can put up listings you can make offers meetup in game to trade so yeah interesting

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